NLTL Drum Bundle

Downloading the bundle

After you purchase the Nothing Left To Love Drum Transcription bundle, you will be immediately emailed a download link containing a .zip file that will also be made available in your Soundblind Studios account. You must be logged in to your account to download the file.

Does the NLTL Drum Bundle include guitar/bass?

The included guitar & bass files are only the Drumless Track Stems, which are a mixdown of the actual recorded guitars and bass on the Nothing Left To Love record in 320kbps mp3 format. The bundle does not include sheet music or tabs of guitar & bass.

With the physical book, do I get digital files too?

Yes. If you purchase the physical book print of the transcribed drum sheet music of Nothing Left To Love, you will also receive the full .zip bundle of the NLTL Drum Transcription Bundle.

No download link / unable to download

In the very off chance that you do not receive a download link via email, your Soundblind Studios account will still have the same download link available. If both are unavailable, please make sure your payment was successful. If it was successful and you still do not have the file, contact info@soundblindstudios.com with the title “URGENT” and we will have you sorted out ASAP. If you have a download link, but the download will not work, please contact us with the same email title and we will generate a new download link and remove the old one.

Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

Due to the instant download nature of the NLTL Drum Transcription Bundle, we do not accept returns. If you purchased the physical book version of the bundle, we accept exchanges if the book has print errors or faults. You will be asked to ship the book to us and receive a replacement free of charge.

Shipping Information

If you purchased the digital version of the NLTL Drum Bundle, the product is delivered instantly online. If you purchased a physical book of the NLTL Drum Bundle, the product is currently on a pre-order status and will be shipped once the product is available. Due to COVID-19, shipping delays and manufacturing delays may be present. If you are concerned about your order, contact us and we will tell you the status of your book. If your order has been shipped, you will be given a tracking number for your parcel.

Have a different question?

Send an email to info@soundblindstudios.com